Summer Cottage
Created by Harry "GIPPER" Morris
Summer Cottage Summer Cottage Summer Cottage
Several years ago, Mr. Morris designed a Summer Cottage, circa 1967, for a Palm Beach family to be located on the banks of Okeechobee Lake in South Florida. It was a modern and contemporary design at the time, to provide for boat storage and undercover boat docking from the lake, while serving the weekend comforts of a living area on the first floor along with its raised outdoor patio and two private bedrooms upstairs with private balconies. The upstairs Master bedroom provided a private balcony to fish from, in the Lake from the balcony.

This birdhouse design is based on the original design and is modified to be suitable for various bird species to use as a temporary habitat to build its nest and raise its young during the season.

This contemporary, sculptured birdhouse is designed around the original design. Its dimensions are adapted in such a way as to attract several bird species which will likely select it as a place for nesting and raising its young. There is also a private and separate secondary opening on the adjacent side intended to attract those species who prefer an open niche to build its nest.

Not only is this structure designed to attract several bird species, it is designed to be an attractive and beautiful Work of Art for humans to admire. This sculptured bird house will be a valuable addition to your backyard patio or garden area and an interesting conversation piece to talk about with your family, friends, and guests.

Each Birdhouse is custom designed, based on specific species of birds living in your area that are most likely to be attracted by its presence in your patio or garden area. Therefore, with each order, the final dimensions will be custom built to the sizes and dimensions required by species in your geographical location.

Each birdhouse is individually hand–crafted from salvaged and recycled Western Red Cedar, naturally weathered, 8 to 10 years. All other materials are salvaged and recycled from various locations. It is constructed to endure the worst climatic conditions without detrimental damage to the structure.

BASE – 12in. by 12in.
STRUCTURE – 9 1/2in. by 9 1/8in. Balcony and patio deck overhang base
HEIGHT – 11 7/8in.
WEIGHT – (SHIPPING) – 6 lbs. – (10 lbs.)

For Additional Information, pricing, or to place an order, contact
For Additional Information, pricing, or to place an order, contact
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