The Octagon House
Created by Harry "GIPPER" Morris
The Octagon House The Octagon House The Octagon House
An Octagon, which this project is based on, stands for Generality; or one who is a Generalist. This seems to fit the scheme of things since there is no specific species of bird intended at this time. Applying layers of flat Octagons, each offset from the previous layer, produces a resulting circle and an interesting exterior texture. A circle is a symbol for Infinity, Perfection, or Never Ending. Also seems to fit.

The exterior texture produced may remind one of a "Pineapple" symbolic for Welcome, Friendship, and Hospitality. It may also remind one of a Date Palm that produces sweet fruit from which Date Candy is made. So far, still good.

On the other hand, the roof may remind one of a "Witch’s Hat", perhaps symbolic of Ghosts, Goblins, and Evil. In this case, the project could be viewed as "Good" versus "Evil" where the deciding factor will be made by the bird which finds it to be a suitable habitat to build its nest and raise its young. It, most certainly, will cause a spirited conversation or debate from members of your family, your friends, and guests who see this bird house in your garden or patio area. As for the birds, they don’t seem to care.

Field tests have shown that certain birds love to play "King-on-a-Mountain". Each bird tries to perch on the tip of the roof longer than the preceding one. These birds love to play around the flat deck and lower roof, and fight for the tip while only one will finally claim "King" of ’the peak. It is hilarious and entertaining to watch this game played out all day long.

The birdhouse is designed to meet the dimensional requirements of several bird species. Each Birdhouse is custom designed based on specific species of birds living in your area that are most likely to be attracted by its presence in your patio or garden area. Therefore, with each order, the final dimensions will be custom built to accommodate the different sizes and dimensions required by each species in your geographical location.

Each birdhouse is individually hand-crafted from salvaged and recycled Western Red Cedar, naturally weathered, 8 to 10 years. All other materials are salvaged and recycled from various locations. It is constructed to endure the worst climatic conditions without detrimental damage to the structure.

BASE – none (optional)
STRUCTURE – 6in. diameter inside; 8 5/8in. diameter outside
HEIGHT – 18 1/2in.
WEIGHT – (SHIPPING) – 8 lbs.– (12 lbs.)

For Additional Information, pricing, or to place an order, contact
For Additional Information, pricing, or to place an order, contact
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