Created by Harry "GIPPER" Morris
Mr. Morris’ travels has taken him to the backcountry mountain woods of Colorado, Montana, and Alaska over the past several years. During these visits, he observed a number of quaint little cabins tucked into the mountain sides and valleys, each serving specific and essential needs for survival of its occupants. Therefore, the basic architectural elements of Space, Form, and Function are, by necessity, built into these wonderful and personal little cabins. They are simple structures, yet provide reasonable shelter, comfort, efficiency, and sustainability, in the remote backcountry mountain woods. They are always in harmony with nature, wildlife, and natural resources.

As such, Mr. Morris has taken these various ideas, structures, and functional needs to design an interesting birdhouse which is likewise functional but expresses the essence of design principles of these wonderfully crafted cabins of the backcountry mountain woods.

This sculptured birdhouse, similar to the "Waterwheel Cabin", is quite different. It contains two separate compartments. The primary cabin is much larger, to accommodate larger bird species, and adds a chimney and red door. The second compartment is much smaller and has its own entrance designed to accommodate smaller birds. So, it becomes possible for two different bird species to nest and raise its young in the same house at the same time. Not only is it designed to attract several bird species, it is designed to be an attractive and beautiful Work of Art for humans to admire. This sculptured bird house will be a valuable addition to your backyard patio or garden area and an interesting conversation piece to talk about with your family, friends, and guests.

Each Birdhouse is custom designed, based on specific species of birds living in your area that are most likely to be attracted by its presence in your patio or garden area. Therefore, with each order, the final dimensions will be custom built to the size and dimensions required by the species in your geographical location.

Each birdhouse is individually hand-crafted from salvaged and recycled Western Red Cedar, naturally weathered, 8 to 10 years. All other materials are recycled or salvaged from various locations.

BASE – 12in. by 12in.
STRUCTURE – 7in. by 10in.
HEIGHT – 13in.
WEIGHT – (SHIPPING) – 8 lbs. – (12 lbs.)

For Additional Information, pricing, or to place an order, contact
For Additional Information, pricing, or to place an order, contact
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