Created by Harry "GIPPER" Morris
This design was inspired by a number of classical French, Italian, and Swiss palaces. But more than any, it was inspired by the Cinderella Castle of Disney World in Florida. The challenge was to come up with an original design that met the criteria of different bird species, yet have the mystery, charm, and gracefulness of Disney's Cinderella Castle. This is the result of that challenge.

The design contains 3 modules, each separated from the other, and each is based upon the geometric shape of a Hexagon. Each module is designed to attract nearly a dozen bird species, from blue birds and blue martins, to downy woodpeckers. The height from the main entry hole to the floor below varies according to species and based on documented statistical data, as well as the entry hole size and location. The project is designed to remain within the overall limits established for all birdhouses I design. Adequate ventilation and drainage is built into the structure and is secured to the base with screws so that the entire structure can removed from the base, if needed for inspection or repairs in the future. Each module is secured to each other with screws so they too, can be detached as well. An additional (optional) base was designed to attach the main base and structure to the top of a 4" x 4" wood post. It can also be secured directly to the top of a wooden fence or the joist of a trellis. The Cinderella Castle promises to be an attractive and interesting feature in your garden or patio areas, and to be a point of interesting discussions with your family members, friends, and guests as well as making a good home for birds to raise their young.

Like each birdhouse, the CINDERELLA CASTLE is hand-crafted from salvaged and recycled Western Red Cedar, naturally weathered, 8 to 10 years. All other materials are recycled or salvaged from various locations.

BASE - 12in. by 12in.
OVERALL STRUCTURE - 12.3in. by 11.3in.
EACH MODULE - 5.0in. by 5.8in.
MODULE ROOF - 6.9in by 7.9in.
HEIGHT - 19.5in.
WEIGHT - (SHIPPING)-9.0lbs.- (12.2 lbs.)
POST MOUNT BASE - additional option

For Additional Information, pricing, or to place an order, contact
For Additional Information, pricing, or to place an order, contact
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