Created by Harry "GIPPER" Morris
Since the design was conceived a while back, each time I look at it, an old popular hit-record of the mid-sixties, by the same title, pops into mind and I start humming the melody of that song every time I work on it. The building reminds me of a church symbolically; of hands pressed together, fingers pointed upwards to the heavens as if in Prayer. In Southern folk-lore, there was a term called a SHOTGUN WEDDING. This was when the expectant daughter and the presumed 'father' were forced to marry with the daughter's father standing close by with a shotgun in hand to assure the consummation of the marriage.
And so it came to pass that there was no other title to give this birdhouse but the title, WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL, all the while, thinking about the shot-gun wedding.
Remembering that a Remington 12ga shotgun is analogous to a 30-30 Winchester rifle, is it not?

Although relatively simple by design, with its symmetry along each of the primary axis', the project proved to be pretty challenging to build. The design will accommodate several different medium size bird species, more by adjusting the size opening to the interior space. The interior is accessible by several different methods. Unscrew and remove the top flat roof, or by the sloped primary roofs, or removing the birdhouse from its primary base. Cleaning or replacing parts are easy to do. The birdhouse can be mounted on top of a fence or garden wall, a trellis, on top of a 4x4 wood post, or suspended from a tree limb. Ventilation and drainage are adequate. Where ever mounted in your garden or patio area, it promises to be an interesting piece of artwork to discuss with your family, friends, and guests, and should make an attractive home for your back-yard birds to raise their brood.

Like each birdhouse, the Winchester Cathedral is hand-crafted from salvaged and recycled Western Red Cedar, naturally weathered, 8 to 10 years. All other materials are recycled or salvaged from various locations.

BASE - 12in. by 18in.
STRUCTURE – 11.0in. by 11.0in.
HEIGHT – 13.25in.
WEIGHT - (SHIPPING) – 10.2 lbs – (14.0 lbs.)

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